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June 23rd, 2019
By Marcio Rocon @phenapp

12 Tips for Painless Weight Loss

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Those with a weight problem think in terms of no pain, no weight loss. In fact, many of the things that can make life more enjoyable, such as getting more sleep, reducing stress and participating in enjoyable physical activities can also help you lose weight.

Most weight loss recommendations involve starving yourself, forgoing favorite foods or engaging in strenuous calisthenics. Naturally, they only work for a little while and the weight comes back. But there are many things you can do that will help you lose weight with no pain at all. By doing a Google search of university and research sites, you can see the scientific evidence for these great ideas:

1) Get more calcium

Whether you take calcium tablets or eat more calcium-rich foods, increased intake of calcium is associated with lower body mass index. For best results, eat more calcium-rich foods, in the form of low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese, high-calcium greens like spinach and bony fish like sardines. Try all the high-calcium foods you can find until you find those you like best. If you don’t like skim milk, try adding it to soups and sauces instead of drinking it.

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2) Eat breakfast

Studies show that breakfast eaters weigh less than non-breakfast eaters. At first, you may have difficulty consuming a full breakfast if you’re not used to eating in the morning. Start with something simple, like a piece of fruit and a slice of whole-wheat toast. The idea is to jump-start your metabolism and avoid the ravenous hunger that leads to overeating for the rest of the day.

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3) Add green tea to your diet

Green tea has unique chemical properties that can actually give your metabolism a boost. And if you don’t like the taste, you can always mix it with fruit juice, use it in sauces (where it adds a delicious smoky flavor) or add it to soups and stews.

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4) Get more sleep

It’s a little counterintuitive. You might think that staying awake for more hours out of every day would cause you to burn more calories. But studies show that the sleep-deprived eat more and gain more weight than those who get their eight hours a night.

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5) Think fun, not exercise

The key to becoming more active for a lifetime is to find activities you really enjoy. Whether it’s a rousing game of racquetball, a hike in a beautiful wood or a game of Frisbee with the kids and the dog make enjoyable activity a priority instead of trying to force yourself to hit the gym. Think in terms of “any movement is good movement,” not in terms of trying to punish yourself for that cupcake with a grueling workout.

6) Become an intuitive eater

Studies show that intuitive eaters, who listen to their bodies’ signals and eat only when they’re hungry, weigh less than those who are forever dieting. When you eat from external cues instead of internal signals, your body stores the excess as fat.

7) Have a second cup of java

Be sure you consume it early in the day so it doesn’t disturb your sleep, but enjoy that second cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine gives your metabolism a boost, in addition to its role in increasing alertness.

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8) Eat more soup

Soup suppresses appetite by filling you up. Since much of soup’s volume is water, you consume fewer calories while feeling fuller.

9) Become a healthy food sleuth

Part of the problem with trying to maintain a healthy diet is that we are all hooked on certain foods, and our repertoire is limited. By trying new foods, you can find low calorie and low fat options you really like. If you’ve never tried guavas or jicama, this is the time to do it. Try different brands of low-fat salad dressings, soups, and meals to see if you can find some you really like. Try ethnic foods you’ve never experienced before—many are healthier than the typical American diet. Forcing yourself to choke down disliked foods never works in the long run.

10) Stock your pantry with the good stuff

It’s what you eat every day that determines your weight. Instead of depriving yourself of that gooey chocolate desert when you go to a party, stock your own kitchen with fruits, vegetables, lean meat, whole-grain breads and pastas, and low-fat dairy. If you don’t stock cookies, cupcakes, potato chips and other fattening foods, you’ll find you seldom miss them. When you get a sugar craving, eat a piece of hard candy or two, and satisfy your fat tooth with avocado, nuts, and other healthy fats.

11) Chill out

Stress is associated with weight gain, so do everything you can to control it. Meditation, yoga, therapy and other stress-reduction techniques can make your life more enjoyable and help you lose weight.

12) Don’t diet –think good habits instead

Diets don’t work, and those who diet frequently tend to gain more weight than those who don’t. Instead, work on habits you can change and activities you can add for permanent, painless change.


The vast majority of weight loss plans are based on doing things that are unpleasant—strenuous exercise, severe calorie restriction, and a total ban on many foods. Take a different approach by finding healthy foods you love and physical activities you really enjoy. Take a more relaxed approach to life and get plenty of sleep. Adapt some clever tricks like adding calcium and green tea to your diet. The result will be a much happier and slimmer you.

3 thoughts on “12 Tips for Painless Weight Loss

  1. Great tips! I want to lose weight, but when I think about exercise, I think it’s work and not fun at all. Maybe because my trainer puts too much pressure on me.

  2. These tips are awesome! I’m sure this will help me on my weight loss program that’s going to start next week. Thanks for sharing!

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