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August 6th, 2019
By Marcio Rocon @phenapp

Easy Tips to Lose Weight

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How to lose weight? Do I need to attend the gym to lose weight? What should I eat? What should I avoid to lose weight? How much weight I should have according to my height? These are the common questions of today's generation.

What I believe is, if you have control over your eating habits and modify a little bit of your lifestyle, can do wonders. Following are the easiest tips to lose weight:

1) Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as they contain antioxidants and low in calories too. After eating an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables you don’t feel empty stomach and feel full earlier.

2) Try to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of eating 3 big meals. This will prevent hypoglycemia and balance your calorie intake.

3) Always look for non – Transat foods, as they add bad cholesterol to your body.

4) Artificial fruit juices, cold- drinks contain lots of extra sugars which in turn results in extra calories. Try to avoid them, instead of artificial juices, switch on to fresh juices, fresh lemon drinks.

5) Try to indulge yourself in more salads, raw vegetables, and Vegetable soups and fruit salads. This will add more of roughage in your diet which will, in turn, prevent constipation.

6) Watch your intake of junk foods weekly. Do not avoid completely, but try to limit the junk food as much as possible and slowly avoid them.

7) Nowadays, people prefer Lifts to go from one floor to another because life is so fast and no one wants to climb stairs. So, try to avoid lift if possible. Climbing stairs is a good exercise to lose weight.

8) Always watch your size before you started and after you lose your weight. This will act as motivation and you will really feel happy when your clothes will become lost.

9) Drink plenty of water. If you will drink enough water, then you will not hog as usual and you will feel your stomach always filled. The best thing about water is it contains no calories.

Above are practical tips to lose weight which I usually endorse in my daily routine and these tips are very easy to go with. There is no hard and fast rule to lose weight. Each human being is an individual identity, so comparing oneself with another always results in an inferiority complex and depression. So, do not overdo the things because losing weight is not an overnight game or a miracle which can happen overnight.

Every day we come across many advertisements on the internet of companies who bet to lose weight in a week or days, try to avoid indulging in all these things because at last that only leads to depression and disheartens you because you already have shelled a lot of money from your pocket. The only mantra to lose weight is to watch your intake of food and try to eat healthy and nutritious instead of junk and oily food.

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