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August 14th, 2019
By Marcio Rocon @phenapp

Few Uncommon Ways for Weight Loss

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Is anyone aware that Weight Gain is a significant problem that leads to obesity shortly? A lot of people think kids are cute when they are chubby, but little do they consider the weight.

It’s surprising that even in developed countries weight loss is not given due importance. Over 70% of the population is obese in the US and yet, no serious consideration is given for this condition which can be fatal at times! The simple yet effective measure can significantly help in weight loss.

Here are a few simple and effective that is not in the list of weight loss tips:

Sleep at least for 6-8 hours a day. Yes, proper sleep is important for the efficient functioning of the body. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain due to a sluggish digestive system amidst other problems.

Regular exercise like simple walking or jogging is sufficient to keep weight gain at bay. Skipping exercise will lead to quick weight gain so it’s essential to maintain the activity regularly.

Drinking warm fluids at regular intervals and warm water with the honey first thing every morning aids tremendously in weight loss.

Fiber intake stimulates metabolism and helps in weight loss.

There is no overnight weight loss model and any diet regime that suggests you shed one type of vital nutrient might lead to severe complications. A balanced diet is important for weight loss.

Consume 6 – 8 glasses equivalent to two and a half liters every day. This is important for proper hydration and regulation of different functions. Any weight loss regime recommends this minimum intake is vital for weight loss.

Do not reduce or increase your food intake with your mood. This is the main culprit for weight gain.

NEVER go on fasting for weight loss. You would gain weight by doing this.

Eat Smart. Eat a healthy breakfast, balanced and moderate lunch and a light dinner.

Avoid junk foods and reduce sugar consumption. These two are hidden factors to weight gain.

Avoid snacking and if you are a hungry snack on fruits and vegetables. They do not contribute to weight gain and also are healthy than pizza or a plate of chips!

I am not against you having foods that contain fat. After all, we need fat also to function properly. But I am talking about Good Cholesterol here!

Never have dinner just before your retiring to bed. Your last meal should be at least 3 hours before going to bed.

Consume small meals instead of 3 big ones.

Avoid talking, playing, watching TV, etc while eating. Remember to put the quantity you want on your plate and eat it before doing any other activity. This is very important and most of us don’t realize how much we eat while talking or watching TV. This leads to overeating knowingly or unknowingly.

Never swallow your food without chewing. Chew it properly, as it not only aids in digestion but also reduces the quantity of intake for good. You get the nutrients in full with less quantity.

Never buy canned or processed food. They are generally high in Sodium and contribute to weight gain.

Never fall for slimming pills, weight loss pills or surgery for weight loss. They do not solve any problem, on the contrary, they might aggravate or end up in complications. Follow simple and practical tips for weight loss than quick and painless methods.

Treating yourself with snacks might be tempting. Try to replace your chocolates or pastries with salads, soups or fruit. If you really can’t avoid take them in small quantities and don’t forget to work out extra to shed it off!

Above all, remember all the above-said tips and follow them diligently to work your way to weight loss.

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