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August 8th, 2019
By Marcio Rocon @phenapp

3 steps to Prepare you for your NEW Weight Loss Project

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We all know how challenging it can be to change eating habits. Therefore, it is vital to prepare yourself before you try a new diet or if you are looking to revive up the physical exercises. 

These 3 steps will get you ready to start your weight loss program.

Visit your doctor

Obesity and excess weight can cause numerous diseases and conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. But before starting those exercises or cutting the calories, make a visit to your doctor and have him or her checks your blood cholesterol and blood pressure as well as sugar levels. The doctor will help ensure that you are prepared for your weight-loss project and may also give you a few tips so as to ease you into a workout program.

Be sure to ask the doctor if there is more testing that you may want to consider before starting the program especially if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease or heart problems. Remember to tell the doctor about any medications you may be taking since some of them can reduce your ability for weight loss.

Choose measures to help you track your progress

Focus on improving your general health rather than just losing weight. Eating healthier and taking more exercise are two simple ways to begin your weight loss project. But remember that heredity plays a key role in one’s weight and body type though this should not make you compare yourself with your thin sibling as it may not be good for your confident nor will it make you lose weight.

It may be more motivating to track your progress in the program by using other measures other than the size of your clothing or your weight.

Set reachable goals

Narrow yourself to goals that are small and attainable which will result in long-lasting changes in your health. You may slip back to your old unhealthy habits if you set goals that are hard to achieve and fail to do so.

The first thing to do is to come up with a list of the goals you want to have reached by the end of your weight loss project. Cross them off as you achieve them.

You need to make these goals specific, for instance, purpose to lose one or two pounds each week rather than simply saying that you want to lose weight. Remember that a small goal is rather easy to reach so take things little by little.

Focusing on your overall health is very important. Be sure to set one goal for your overall health for every weight-loss goal you set, for instance, include an everyday five-minute walk in your exercise. It will make you more fit as you continue losing the extra pounds.

Apart from setting goals, you need to plan for slip-ups that may occur in the course of your weight-loss project. Identify the challenges you may face and plan for them accordingly. It will help you stay motivated.

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