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August 12th, 2019
By Marcio Rocon @phenapp

The Difference between Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat

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Research shows that America has over 97 million adults suffering from acute weight problems and obesity. For all those fighting against their fat problems, and seeing no significant result, a detailed understanding of the etiology of the different fat sources, might help you understand your body and fat pattern, guiding you to achieve a quick and effective solution after locating the targeted fat and allowing it to disappear.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the best and the most accurate way to measure the amount of body weight for a grown individual, both male and female, is by calculating his / her BMI or Body Mass Index. This system of calculation usually utilizes the weight and the height of a person, to present the exact measure of body fatness.

The higher the BMI for a person, the greater are the levels of fat in his body and the higher his chances of falling ill and incurring severe health problems.

This is why one must be very cautious about his BMI and make sure that it remains within the prescribed level, to make sure his body does not stop functioning to its full potential, giving rise to multiple dysfunctions.

BMI results reveal that there are two different kinds of fat in our body the excess of any one of which, can lead to serious weight management issues. For dieters trying to find a solution to keep their bodies from going out of shape and maintaining the perfect physique, a proper understanding of these two fat types is a must, in order to succeed in your mission.

The first type of fat is known as the subcutaneous fat and is mainly found in the area below the outer layer of the skin, or Epidermis. The best way to identify subcutaneous fat is to look for dimpling and cellulite deposition under the skin.

To measure this kind of fat, one needs to use body fat calipers which would help give an idea of the overall body adiposity. The other variety of body fat is known as visceral fat and is primarily located within the peritoneal cavity, or the membrane which invests the viscera.

This kind of fat usually develops in between organs and causes the formation of what we call- the belly fat. One of the primary reasons resulting in the accumulation of visceral fat is the excess of body carbohydrates.

Unlike subcutaneous fat, visceral fat consists of several depots of adipose which might, in turn, create problems like hypertension, coronary artery diseases, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance.

Considering the risk that visceral fat poses to one’s body, it is considered far more dangerous than the subcutaneous fat type, which merely causes the inflation of the body without really causing internal problems.

But no matter how dangerous they sound, there are some ways in which one might be able to tackle such fat problems. Although a slow process, if followed diligently and with some patience, positive results are assured.

To start the treatment, one needs to focus on the abdominal fat and try to lose it by maintaining a strict diet regime and regular exercising. All this would trigger the necessary metabolic and hormonal responses within the body, helping in the disappearance of fat.

So hurry and put on your jogging shoes, to live a healthy life and keep all your problems at par.

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