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April 25th, 2019
By Marcio Rocon @phenapp

🌱 The Wonderful Health Benefits of Carambole

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Carambole is also referred to as star fruit. This fruit is popular all over South pacific and Southeast Asia. The tree is cultivated in tropical areas like in the Caribbean and Latin America.

This fruit has typical ridges and it looks like a star. The whole fruit is edible and is used in cooking as well. It is used to make preserves, juice drinks and relishes. Carambole fruits taste great if eaten with cumin seeds, sugar and black pepper. The fruit is usually green and turns yellow when ripe.

There two types of fruits, the large sweet type and the tart type which is small and sour. The sour variety has high oxalic acidic content than the other type. Its flesh is firm, very juicy and crunchy and it doesn’t contain fibres. Carambole is best consumed when ripe, when they have turned yellow with shades of green. They have a sour undertone and Oxalic acid odor, the taste is a bit unique but is linked to a mixture of citrus, apple and pear. Here are some great health benefits of Carambole.

Muscle tissue formation

The fruit is rich in amino acids and vitamins. Amino acids are responsible for formation of muscle tissues and they play a vital role in physiological processes involving brain functioning, recovery and boosting energy. It contains Vitamin C which fights illnesses such as flu and helps in collagen formation which is responsible for the formation of connective tissues in the body. This includes cartilage, skin, bone and blood. Collagen protein also provides structural body support.

Improves brain functioning

The fruit is also rich in Vitamin B12. This vitamin plays a vital role in nervous system functioning and red blood cells formation. The body can store sufficient Vitamin B12 for a long time thus deficiency of this vitamin rarely occurs. The vitamin is also involved in cell metabolism.

Carambole is high in potassium, anti-oxidants and is low in sugar. Antioxidants help in fighting oxidation, a process accelerated by alcohol, stress or cigarette smoking. Antioxidants are also believed to be disease fighters and memory protectors. Therefore, a piece of the star fruit is healthy and beneficial to the body.

The star fruit is high in iron. Iron is a vital element in the human body. Iron is needed in the formation of red blood cells and oxygen transportation throughout the body. This element is important for athletes since it converts sugar into energy. Hence enable muscles to work at optimum during workouts. On the other hand, this fruit contains riboflavin, niacin and thiamine in limited quantities. These elements help sustain metabolic stability.

Like most aqueous fruits, Carambole is low in calorie hence very healthy. You can take this fruit daily without getting worried about gaining weight. It is highly recommended for people with chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart illnesses. It is a home remedy for many complications such as heat stroke, eczema and hangover. Its fluid is considered to be an effective treatment for most skin conditions. The syrup of Carambole fruits can abate fever and offer relief when your stomach has too much acid.

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